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11/13/2018 (Permalink)

General Ventilation Venting a fan into the attic is simply asking for problems. The excessive moisture will cause condensation on the roof members, insulation and mold.

The long and short of it is that a vent fan, whether for a bathroom, a range hood or a clothes dryer, is normally removing very humid air from the room. If that air is not exhausted beyond the waterproof "skin" of your house (up through the roof beyond the shingles, or out the side of the house beyond the siding or brick), then you are not removing the moisture, you're just hiding it.

On top of that, your attic is a "cold zone"; it is not insulated or climate controlled and is generally the same temperature as the outside. So, in colder weather, the moisture in the air will precipitate out. It doesn't have to be anywhere near freezing for this to happen; just cool enough that the air being vented, when cooled to outdoor temperatures, falls below its "dewpoint" and can't hold that amount of moisture.

The end result is that it will literally "rain" inside your attic; condensation will form on the wood rafters and sheathing, and that's an open door to mold (especially considering your bathroom's already a breeding ground for all sorts of nasties that can hitch a ride out the vent fan). In just a couple of years, the mould could make your house unlivable, and your rafters will be rotting until the next severe weather could collapse the entire roof.

So, it is required by code in virtually all jurisdictions that ventilation fans terminate in a vent cap on the outside of the building. There should be no leaks in the vent line that could allow the humid air to escape into an interior space. Bringing the vent to an existing attic vent isn't enough, because the air can still mix before it leaves the space and form condensation. You must either seal the vent line to that roof vent (which would also require you to have enough roof vents that the attic can still "breathe" with the loss of the one you sealed up), or cut a new hole through the roof for a new vent cap.

Arson in Aberdeen, WA

5/25/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Arson in Aberdeen, WA In a disaster know matter how big or small the SERVPRO team will be there for you every step of the way.

On June 19, 2017, SERVPRO of Grays Harbor & Pacific Counties was called to a home in ­­­Aberdeen, WA for a house that caught fire and luckily was only partially burnt.  The fire started outside the front door and went into the rafters and burning quite a bit of the home. The cause of the fire wasn’t an accident, the fire was arson. SERVPRO arrived on scene to help the home owner get her home back to the way it was before the incident “Like it never even happened.” Just 4 months later on  October 16,2017, SERVPRO of Grays Harbor & Pacific Counties was called to a home in ­­­Aberdeen, WA for a house that caught fire the SERVPRO team quickly realized it was the same home they had just finished demoing and was in the process of its rebuild. The man who caught the house on fire the first time came back for another round and caught the house on fire again but this time the house was burnt to the ground. The arsonist was caught and is now spending life in prison. Luckily the woman who was in the home when the fires occurred got out safely without any injuries. After about a year the house will finally be completely rebuilt, and the home owner will finally be able to live in home.

Water Loss Awareness

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Water Damage Water Loss Awareness Call SERVPRO today! (360)533-8667

There are different scenarios on how you can get water damage in your home. In the Grays Harbor and Pacific County areas, there are some that are more common than you’d think. First on the list is leaking pipes. Unfortunately, this type of loss can go unnoticed for some time and could cause more damage if not caught. This type of loss happens in walls or under sinks. Hence why it’s easy for them to go unnoticed if you aren’t actively searching. It’s always best to be aware that something could happen and inspect regularly. Next, overflowing toilets, bathtubs, and sinks are another leading cause of water damage. Also, water heaters and leaking appliances are often an issue in any home. Finally, living in grays harbor and pacific counties, nobody around here is strangers to storms or floods. Floods and storm damages happen every so often and can cause minimal to major damages to any home. If you find yourself in any situation where you have water damage, SERVPRO is here to help. We are available 24/7 for your needs. 

Sewage Backup in Aberdeen, WA

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Water Damage Sewage Backup in Aberdeen, WA Call us for any of your water restoration needs. We are here to make it “Like it never even happened”, (360)533-8667.

Sewage backup is in the water loss category here at SERVPRO of Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties. Recently, we had a sewage backup in a commercial building. They called SERVPRO right away and we instantly got a crew together to go assess the situation and set equipment as needed. Our crew needed to block off the affected areas, clean it up, and start getting the structure dried out. Once they contained the affected area, they made it possible for the business to stay running. Here at SERVPRO, we are committed to the customer in trying to make this process go as smoothly as possible. Depending on the situation, we can keep businesses up and running when having any water damage. Call us for any of your water restoration needs. We are here to make it “Like it never even happened”, (360)533-8667.

Mold in Aberdeen, WA

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Mold Remediation Mold in Aberdeen, WA If you’re needing an inspection or a clean-up, call today! (360)533-8667

A company calls us here at SERVPRO of Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties wanting us to assess a mold job in Aberdeen. They told us a little bit about the situation. The roof failed, and they didn’t know about it and there was some mold in the house. The real estate company was still trying to figure out who was responsible for the damages, so they were at a loss what needed to happen. We went and did our inspection right away and noticed this would not be just a little mold clean up. Every inch of the house was covered in every color of the rainbow. No mold job is too big or too small for us here at SERVPRO. If you’re needing an inspection or a clean-up, call today! (360)533-8667

Storm Damage in Aberdeen, WA

5/25/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm Damage in Aberdeen, WA Storm damages to your home, know that SERVPRO of Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties are available 24/7 and are here to help (360)533-8667.

Back in 2017, when some storms happened here in Grays Harbor, the Grays Harbor Beauty College had some storm damages. They had water intrusion from the roof and flooding throughout the building, causing secondary water damage. SERVPRO of Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties had to extract water from throughout the 7,000 square foot building and move their chairs and equipment up and away from affected areas. After we were able to get the extraction done and content moved, we placed equipment to dry the structure out. While the work was being done the business was able to be up and running in no time. If there are any storm damages to your home, know that SERVPRO of Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties are available 24/7 and are here to help (360)533-8667

Mold in Cosmopolis, WA

5/25/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold in Cosmopolis, WA If there are any mold situations you’re involved in, don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO and have us come take a look (360)533-8667.

In the Cosmopolis Fire Station, there was a floor model ice maker that had been leaking for some time. The firefighters were unaware of the situation and when they finally found out, they called us here at SERVPRO of Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties to fix the situation. In our initial inspection, we noticed there was mold all through the subfloor and up the walls. We set equipment and went through all the steps. We contained the affected areas and took care of all mold and water damages. They were able to keep the fire station up and running throughout the process. If there are any mold situations you’re involved in, don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO and have us come take a look (360)533-8667.

Mold in Montesano, WA

5/25/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Mold in Montesano, WA If there is any mold give us a call we will take care of it! (360) 533-8667

Living around Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties, storms are ALWAYS a possibility. SERVPRO of Grays Harbor & Pacific Counties was called to a home in Montesano, WA where a garage had flooded from a massive rain and wind storm. The home owners didn’t get taken care of the loss correctly so as time when on mold began to grow. The home owners didn’t catch it in time, so mold began to grow but luckily the home owner found the mold before it spread throughout the home. After finding the mold the SERPVRO crew found out that the mold had spread through the walls and ceiling. Mold is not something to mess around with. If you think you have an issue, call SERVPRO today (360) 533-8667!

Fire Classificaitons

5/24/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Classificaitons Hopefully this helps you think about the proper ways to put out a fire if the time comes. Just remember we are just one call away. (360) 533-8667

If there is a fire in your home weather its big or small, SERVPRO of Grays Harbor & Pacific Counties can help get your home back to the way it was before “Like it never even happened.” Everyone knows what fire is but what a lot of people don’t know is that there are different classifications of fires.   

Classification A

  • Basic fire involving sold materials such as wood, paper or textiles.
    • Put fire out by just using water, or your basic fire extinguisher

Classification B

  • Fire involving flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel or oils.
    • Put fire out by smothering it (taking out all the oxygen)

Classification C

  • Fires involving gases such as motors, appliances and electric components.
    • Put fire out by shutting off all sources of power and using an extinguisher

Classification D

  • Fires involving metals
    • Put fire out by adding a dry powder by doing so it smothers the fire causing it to burn out

Classification K

  • Fire involving liquids use in food preparation
    • Put fire out by using a wet chemical fire extinguisher.

Fire is not a nothing to play around with the soot from the fire will hurt your home just as bad as the fire itself will. If a fire does occur at your home call SERVPRO of Grays Harbor & Pacific Counties.

Mold in Vacation Homes

5/18/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold in Vacation Homes Take care of mold the correct way. SERVPRO can do that for you. (360) 463-9408

Having a vacation home can be fun and rewarding but also can lead to unknown damages when not properly cared for. Making sure you inspect potentially hazardous areas is the best way to prevent any mold damages to go unnoticed. For example, lets say that you are leaving your vacation home at the end of the summer and you are not planning on returning until next summer, you leave water running that has a leak. Now that the water was leaking and you didn’t know for almost a year, you come to the house COVERED in mold and previous water damage that most insurance companies don’t cover. SERVPRO of Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties is here to help with the damages but we also would like to give you some tips on preventing this from happening. Clear gutter to carry water away from the house. Fix any areas where mold can grow (missing shingles, loose door frame, window-drywall separation). Set thermostat higher, this will dehumidify inside the house correctly. Look for any standing water in home (sink, shower, fridge, washing machine, and toilet). Eliminate clutter throughout the house and keep clean before departure of home.